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Eastern Washington is one of the world’s great wine regions. Being so far north we receive more hours of sunlight during the summer months than appellations to the south. The extra light coupled with moderate temperatures and little rainfall ensures that our wines deliver great consistency, concentration and character.


— Holly Turner, Winemaker


Holly Turner of Headturner Wine Co in the Vineyard

Horse Heaven Hills AVA

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Map of Horse Heaven Hills AVA

The Horse Heaven Hills AVA is a winegrowing region bound by the Yakima Valley AVA to the north and the Columbia River to the south. Located in the greater Columbia Valley, soil types in this AVA are silt loam that drain efficiently allowing for precise irrigation management. Destiny Ridge Vineyard faces south perched high on the bluffs overlooking the Columbia River. This vineyards’ proximity to the constant cool river breezes help moderate the hot summer temperatures, allowing for the development of rich flavors in harmony with vibrant acidity.

  • Established in 2005
  • Elevation: 200’ at the river’s edge to 1800’ on the northern border
  • 16,000+ acres planted to vineyards
  • Most vineyards are planted on south-facing slopes, providing extended sun exposure
  • Soil types: sandy loam, Missoula flood sediment, hill slope rubble
  • Arid, continental climate with 6-9” of precipitation per year, irrigation is required to grow vinifera grapes
  • Pressure differentials produce significant winds that reduce canopy size, toughen grape skins and help protect against disease

Red Mountain AVA

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Artz Vineyard is named for Fred Artz, a legendary grape grower on Red Mountain. Artz helped plant and manage the famed Klipsun Vineyard for more than 20 years before buying adjacent land and planting his own vineyard. The vineyard is planted on the lower bench of Red Mountain, overlooking the Yakima River at an elevation of 652’ facing southwest. The predominant soil types of Red Mountain are Warden,

Hezel and Scootenay which are a series of wind-blown loess. This variety of soil presents a combination of sand, silt and loam which are exceptional for growing grapes. Artz Vineyard is now owned by the Red Mountain pioneers, the Williams family.

  • Established in 2001
  • Elevation: 500’ to 1,500’ above sea level
  • Located within the Columbia Valley
  • One of the smallest and warmest appellations in the state well-suited for Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 2,000+ acres planted to vineyards
  • Southwest-facing slope
  • Soil types: sand, silt, loam; lack of soil nutrients along with high pH reduces vine vigor which produces smaller berry size
  • Prevailing winds produce thick berry skin and ample tannin levels
  • Dramatic nighttime temperature shifts, up to 40ºF help retain acid levels
  • The nearby Yakima River provides continual airflow, guarding against frost by moderating temperature
Map of Red Mountain AVA
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